Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My other classmates

Charmaine(according to class blog)

My group on 5Jan2011(Nicole and Somebody"s name which I forgot)

Also in my group(Siddharth)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My strange classmate

 This is Wilbur using his Mac book.

This is Wilbur using his Mac book strangely.

Day 2: Tower building

My Tower

Day 1 Mac Attack 1 - Activity 4: End-of-Day Reflection

Today was my first day in SST(my class is S1-06) for me. So far, it had been very fun and enjoyable. When I first stepped into class, I played The Skittles(a strange game) and Blow Wind Blow after listening to a long long talk. My classmate, Wilbur, got "sabo" a lot of times. The talk was about SST and what I would learn in SST.

During my first lesson, I learned about the 3Rs which are : Roles, Rights and Responsibility. I think the 3Rs are very important and is vital to my education.This is the only picture of me so I guess I have to post it.